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Green wave designed by reimagine psychology melbourne

Reimagine what?

Seeing a Psychologist for the first time can be a daunting thing.

It can be pretty unnatural talking to a complete stranger about things you might not have told anyone else before. We might feel nervous about starting therapy or question whether it is right for us. 

We might even have people in our lives who tell us "therapy is for crazy people" or "I had it tougher - get over it".


We're here to tell these people that there is strength in investing in your mental health and wellbeing. That no one is "broken" but everyone is growing. 

Together, with our clients and our community, we work towards a world where:

Our Vision

Reimagine Mental Health and Wellbeing

Jessica Chu Experienced Psychologist Reimagine Psychology Melbourne

Behind everything we do, we start with our core mission to bring understanding and psychological wellbeing to our community. We aim to dispel the stigma behind mental health and empower each and every person to be who they want to be and know that they are not alone.

Everyone, regardless of their background, will feel empowered to be who they want to be and know that they are not alone. 

Our Promise

Our Promise

Everything we do at Reimagine Psychology Melbourne is guided by our vision, values, and promise to our clients and community. We treat everyone, regardless of their background, with compassion, integrity, respect, honesty, and dignity.

We won't ask you to lie down on a couch and spill your deepest secrets. Instead, we’ll work together with you to make sure that we understand where you’re at, what your world is like, and where you’d like to go.

We'll join you on your journey and be there in your corner with warmth, compassion, and evidence-based strategies. We promise to always strive to act within our core values and beliefs:

We're in it together

We are accountable to our clients and community to give it our all and strive towards our vision. Rain, hail, or shine, we will be there in our client's corner to work towards the best possible care for our clients and community. We invest in therapeutic relationships and will always do what's right by our clients and team. 

Teamwork makes the dream work

We understand and appreciate that everyone is unique and that there is no such thing as one size fits all in client-centred care. We will always strive to work closely with our clients and their health providers so that we can deliver the best possible holistic care as a multidisciplinary team. 

We put people first

We know we can make a genuine difference without taking ourselves too seriously. We bring enthusiasm into our work and treat each and every person with compassion, integrity, respect, honesty, and dignity (just like how we want people to treat us!).   

Science is pretty cool!

As Psychologists, everything we do is grounded in research and evidence-based treatments. Our team are committed to continuous learning and development so we can make sure we have the right knowledge and skills to support our clients. 

We strive to make a difference 

Our ultimate goal is about making a real positive difference in the communities we work in, and through the people we work with. We are committed to giving back to our community and will donate a percentage of our fees every year to a charity. We're just getting started in June 2021 so watch this space!

It's important to us that we always strive to keep our promises and act within our core values. If you notice anything that doesn't quite align with our promises, please, let us know at We greatly value and appreciate all feedback as it helps us grow and improve the quality of care we can deliver to our clients and community.  

We believe therapy should be inviting and warm. A place where judgements are left at the door and you can be yourself.

Find us here!

We're located at 3 Howard Street, West Melbourne, in a beautifully reimagined hat factory from 1906, just on the corner of Howard and Rosslyn. There are a few different ways to get to us, including:

By Tram:

The 57 tram stop, Howard St/Victoria St is a short 2min walk from the practice. 

The 58 tram stop, Queen Victoria Market/Peel St is a short 4min walk from the practice. 

By Car:

We have metered parking directly in front of the practice and on Saturdays, there is free on-street parking on Rosslyn Street. 

The easiest way to get here is to to enter via William Street. This is a one way street but, if you miss the entrance, there's lots of parking on Rosslyn Street too. 

By Train:

We're right in the middle of three different train stations, including:


  • 10min walk from Flagstaff station,

  • 16min walk from North Melbourne, and

  • 20min walk from Southern Cross station!

Take the first step to reimagine your mental health and wellbeing by reaching out to us today!  Even if you don't believe it now, you're more resilient than you give yourself credit for! 

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